Valve & Nixie Socket Calculator


Valve & Nixie Socket Calculator

How to make the measurements

This program lets you determine the pin circle diameter of a tube base from measurements more readily made with a micrometer. The data should be entered in millimetres and the results will be in the same units.

Script output for a package definition of the resulting socket can be generated for several CAD packages. Create a disk file from the output script and execute it in the relevant package - for Eagle execute the script as a SCR from the library editor.

Pin definitions for a complete circle are generated. i.e. You will probably generate output for at least one more pin than is needed as you have to enter the number of pins in a circle for the calculator to work. e.g. For a 9-pin socket, you may have to enter 10 as the number of pins, and then remove the extra pin in the library editor of your CAD package.

If you are generating a package definition that will eventually use turned sockets, e.g. those by Mill-Max etc., adjust the drill size in the script to reflect the size of the hole required by the pin socket, rather than that by the bare valve/nixie pin as measured.

The original idea and implementation for this script was by Jason Harper for the Osmond package. I have added Eagle support and made other changes. Jason's implementation may be found here.

Number of pins in complete circle:
Measured width (see diagram):
Measured pin diameter:
Pin 1 location (viewed from back):
CAD package:

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